Bilbord app is set to revolutionized the out of home industry in Nigeria and the world at large

 Bilbord is an intelligent data warehousing tool that provides real-time representation of billboards on the platform, it allows users monitor, manage and track the true state and status of billboards using mobile devices. Bilbord also gives an insightful measurement report and analysis on all billboards, providing a robust data on vehicular and pedestrian traffic volume based on computer vision technology called Efiiwe. Efiiwe is an Artificial Intelligence technology that analyses and produces this strategic information needed within the OOH industry in order to deliver measurable return on investment and key performance indicator. THE PROBLEMThough we have a lot of data available, the OOH industry is largely unanalyzed, Why? This is simply because the industry does not have an adequate monitoring and measurement mechanism, compliance is largely done by the submission of pictures with various monthly code by operators or by a multiplicity media services who are chasing after prints, electronic and other medium at the same time, while measurement is grossly based on assumptions. However, real time data from these billboards can be used to determine key performance indices in order to deliver return on investment for advertisers leveraging on vehicular and pedestrian movement real time data. OBJECTIVESOur greatest object is to provide the industry’s need, connect in me and create experience. STRATEGIC INTENTTo allow users dictate experience. What is changing the industry? People, so it’s about you, it’s about us, it’s about the industry. BILBORDAPP FEATURES:• An innovative new social experience: using coordinates users are able to interact, search, save and share with colleagues and partners like never before.

• Relationship insights: gain deep insight into brands and who manages them.

• Culture fit: there are ten times number of companies listed on bilbord so it’s even easier for users to find who is what and handling what.

• Enhance discovery process: allow users to scout vacant bilbords with in-depth knowledge.

Need: giving accurate out-of-home inventory, information, location, classification and condition. Extras: offers a whole lot of added value into the mix from billboard insurance, brokerage, Finance to security The beta version of the app will be launched  on Android platform then subsequently on the IOS platforms.
Our platforms provide never-before-seen real time monitoring, audience data, audience targeting and analyses. Producing strategic information needed within the OOH industry in order to deliver measurable return on investment.